Chair of the Board Challenge
Austine Evans, Chair of the Board of Trustees, is challenging other Board of Trustees members and Chowan supporters to make a gift to the Life Skills Mall Campaign. The completion of this campaign is vital to the University’s pivot of initiating the new life skills curriculum fall of 2024. She will match up to $250, dollar for dollar, for all gifts made to the Life Skills Mall until her $15,000 is gone.

The Chowan Fund Challenge
Mick and Carol Outten challenge friends and alumni to support the Chowan Fund. Your gift to the Chowan Fund helps support multiple areas on campus. The Outten’s $10,000 contribution will unlock once 50 donors give to the Chowan Fund.

Honor a Veteran Challenge
Captain Mick Outten, ‘70, and his wife Carol encourage you to support the Veteran Scholarship. You can honor a veteran or an active member of the armed services when you make your gift to this scholarship. This scholarship supports veterans pursuing their degree at Chowan. When 15 Veterans have been honored with gifts to the Veteran Scholarship, it will unlock a gift of $10,000.

Be a part of the Future Challenge
Chowan alumni and friends are encouraged to be a part of the future by helping to complete the Life Skills Mall. This will help enhance the CU experience and is vital as the university transitions to a Life Skills University. When 20 donors give to the Life Skills Mall are made, a gift of $10,000 will unlock given by Capt. Mick Outten,’70, and his wife Carol.

1:1 Matching Challenge
Charles Pond, Board of Trustee member, is matching dollar for dollar up to $250 on April 10th from 10 am to 3 pm or until the $10,000 is gone to honor his late wife Juanita Kelley Pond.

Enhance Classroom Technology Challenge:
Cecil Hollomon, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, is challenging YOU to give to enhance the technology in our classrooms. Many of our classrooms currently do not have the capability to record lectures. With this technology our students will truly never miss a class. When 20 donors give to this challenge, Cecil’s $5,000 will be unlocked.

Where’s Murf Challenge
President Dr. Rosemary Thomas is challenging CU students to a scavenger hunt to find 5 Murfs on Wednesday, April 10th. Five stuffed Murfs will be hidden across campus and when found will value $500 each. The student who finds each Murf will get to keep the stuffed Murf, receive HawksBucks, and get to select their favorite department, club or athletic program for the funds to be given to. Who is ready to find Murf?!

Get CCSAM Endowment to 1 Million Challenge
Dr. Julian and Mary Mills encourage gifts to the Chowan Christian Services Association Missions Scholarships to help reach the 1 million mark. Dr. Mills, a Board of Trustee member and alumnus, has served as a minister in Northeast North Carolina for decades and through his devoted leadership, has influenced many to be passionate about living a Christian lifestyle. CCSAM has had many influential people help build it into what it is today. The Mills encourage you to give in honor of those people, Dr. Chris White, Rev. Ron McSwain, Lou Ann Gilliam and Rev. Mari Wiles. When 50 donors give to the CCSAM endowment, their $2,500 gift will be unlocked.

Appreciation for Rev. Mari Wiles Challenge
The heart and soul of our campus, Rev. Mari Wiles has influenced many lives on our campus through service, worship, mission trips and counsel. Because of this, an anonymous donor would like to honor everything she has done and continues to do for Chowan and its students. When 15 donors give to CCSA Missions, this donor’s $2,500 will be unlocked.

Football Locker Room Refresh Challenge
Dr. George Koonce, ‘89 and Robert Brown, ‘80 are challenging football alumni and fans to help the football program by purchasing the remaining 74 lockers. With a donation of $1,000, you will be given the opportunity to name a locker in memory or in honor of someone. When 20 donors give towards the Locker Room Refresh, the former Green Bay Packers players will purchase 2 lockers!

Science Matters Challenge
Beloved former Chowan Faculty, Garth Faile and his wife Erin, are challenging you to give back to enhance the science labs and/or science scholarships. When 15 donors give to the Science Labs Renovation Fund or any science scholarship are given, the Faile’s $2,000 will be unlocked.

Back the Chowan Chapel Bench Challenge
John Tayloe ‘94, longtime Chowan employee and emeritus, is challenging you to back his bench for the Chowan Chapel. The benches will reside in the vestibule of the chapel and be used in the foyer for events. The benches will allow for additional seating, as well as seating for those waiting to be picked up after services. When $1,690 is raised for this project, John’s donation of $1,690 will be unlocked.

Throwback to the Future Challenge
Were you the May Queen? Did you play a sport at CU? Do you have a favorite photo while you were at CU? We want to see your CU throwback photos! Post your favorite throwback picture to Facebook or Instagram with the #CUThrowBackToTheFuture and include your favorite fund in the caption. One winner will be selected. The winner will select their favorite fund to receive a $1,000 donation made possible by Barry Bradberry, ‘73.

Who will be the Hawks “Hotshot” Challenge
CU’s Athletic programs will compete against each other for the most gifts made to their program and be coined this year's “hotshot”. The top 3 teams with the most gifts will receive a donation to their program from Mary Harris. First Place: $500, Second Place: $300, Third Place: $200.

Most Faculty and Staff Gifts
Chowan’s faculty and staff are exceptional, so this bonus is just for them! The area that receives the most employee gifts by percentage between the hours of 9 and 10 am (1st winner) AND 10 and 11 pm (2nd winner) on April 10th, will unlock a bonus of $500 each made possible by Chuck and Carol Taylor. Chowan’s strength lies in its exceptional faculty and staff, and this bonus is our way of celebrating your impact.

Help Our Students with Internships

As Chowan becomes a Life Skills University, providing our students with internships is imperative. With internships comes potential costs to our students. Many students may need temporary housing, gas or meal money during their internships to be successful as not all will be paid. Lynette Bunch, Board of Trustee member, is challenging you to give to this challenge to help provide the best for our students. When 15 donors give to this challenge Lynette’s $1,000 will be unlocked.

The Parker Family Music Scholarship Challenge
Brothers, Al and Mark Parker, are challenging their friends and family to make a gift to The Parker Family Music Scholarship Endowment Fund. They have pledged $1,000 to match all donations given to this fund.

Laptop Challenge
CU is in need of 50 laptops, costing $500 each, to loan to students starting Fall of 2024. With statistics showing that 12% of the student body don’t have access to a laptop, we want to make sure every student has the opportunity for success at CU! A laptop can be purchased by an individual or be a group effort. Each laptop that is purchased will have a sticker that denotes the donor or donors. When 25 donors give to this challenge, Zack Cooper, President of the Alumni and Kay Thomas, Director of Alumni Relations, will purchase a laptop.

175 Donor Challenge
The donor who makes the 175th contribution will unlock a $500 gift to the area of their choice from Elaine Myers, Board of Trustee member.

Criminal Justice Crime Lab Challenge
Dr. Pamela Woodard has created Chowan’s own crime lab in Marks Hall and is in need of additional items to enhance this experience for Chowan students. When 15 donors give to the crime lab are made $500 will be unlocked, given by John Harris, ‘82.

Never Back Down, Never What?! - Just for Former Student Athletes
It’s time to lace up those shoes and compete once again! Chowan Athletics challenges YOU to show your team spirit. The team that achieves the highest percentage of former student-athlete donors during Chowan Gives will unlock an additional $500 of support for their team, brought to you by Penny Womble, Board of Visitors member.

Lunch Hour Power Hour
Win a Chipotle $25 digital gift card between the hours of 12 pm-1 pm on April 11th when you donate $50+, brought to you by Elizabeth Hedrick, Associate VP for Human Resources. 10 names will be drawn.

Throwback Lunch Party
Michael ‘03 and Joni Saner ‘10, proud owners of Insert Coin, are calling all Alums from 2000–2010! Two lucky alumni donors who graduated during 2000-2010 will be chosen to unlock an extra $125 for their chosen designation with a donation to the Alumni Loyalty Fund from 11:30 am-1:30 pm on April 11th. But wait, there’s more! Five alumni donors from this era will be randomly selected to receive some exclusive Chowan swag mailed straight to their doorstep.

CU + 2 Advocate Challenge
Being an advocate is as easy as CU + 2. Make your gift using your unique advocate link and encourage 2 other gifts through your link to be made and score a Chowan-branded car air freshener.

Blue Cord Graduation Campaign
Chowan’s Blue Cord will be presented to graduating students who make a gift of $20.24. The Blue Cord will be worn during Chowan’s commencement ceremony, symbolizing the student’s philanthropic pride and reciprocal commitment between Chowan and its alumni. Blue Cords will be distributed at the Senior Banquet ceremony.

Faculty and Staff Challenge
Faculty and Staff members who donate $50+ will receive a gift from Colonial Pharmacy, including $10 off any purchase (this excludes prescriptions).

Chowan Cranium Cab
Be on the lookout for the Chowan Cranium Cab out on campus from 11 am-1 pm on April 10th. Students will be testing their Chowan knowledge on the way to class. Get a question wrong, a new student will be picked up. Get the question right and earn Chowan branded items.

The President Rosemary M. Thomas Endowed Scholarship ChallengeJoin us in celebrating Chowan University’s First Female President in our 175 year history, Dr. Rosemary M. Thomas, by supporting a scholarship created in her honor by her mother, Mary Jo Thomas, her family and friends. This scholarship will be given to female students annually who demonstrate strong leadership qualities and successful academic performance.